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Raeshell Rozet 


Spirit and the Vampire

Spirit Taylor is a writer who has bad luck with men. Monsters are naturally drawn to her, and she has a terrible habit of falling in love with them.

Despite her horrible track record, Spirit has finally found true love. Jack Laureaux is everything she could possibly want. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, with blue eyes that are spellbinding. His love is reliable and trustworthy. She’s ready for happily ever after.

If it wasn’t for her ex.

Jeremy Curtis is gorgeous, smart, rich, and sexy. His sandy blonde hair and brown eyes have melted more than a few hearts. And, his bite is to die for.

In this sequel to Spirit and the Wolfman, Spirit Taylor’s love life is about to get complicated. 

(Book Two in the Spirit and the Wolfman Series)

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Spirit and the Wolfman

Never go into the woods alone at night. You’ll never come out the same, if you come out at all. 

Spirit Taylor is a writer. She knows this. A thousand strange creatures are imagined to haunt the woods waiting to dine and do unmentionable things to unwise travelers. Anyone with a heartbeat knows that the woods are just plain creepy.

Spirit isn’t one for making stupid mistakes. As a writer, she offers her characters no forgiveness. If a character is unwise enough to jump in a stranger’s car at point A, he never makes it to point B.

But on this one occasion, Spirit forgets to be careful. After hearing that her boyfriend wants to date other women, Spirit leaves the safety of her cabin and walks out into the night.

From there, her life takes a strange turn.

She meets the Wolfman. He steps out of the shadows and forever alters the course of her life.

Before long, Spirit will begin to understand that the world is fat with magic. Reality is not always as it seems. Anyone can be a monster. A story can change your life. And, a heart can be drawn to two men at the same time, even if one is a wolf.

Spirit will question everything. What is real? Is she in danger? Who can she trust? And, how can the Wolfman in the forest also be the most handsome man she’s ever met?

(Book One in the Spirit and Wolfman Series)

"It's a magical romance. It was cleverly written. And I've been thinking about the ending for a couple of days after having finished the book."

-Amazon Reader Review

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Welcome to My Writing Home!

I’ll tell you a story where a woman saves herself.

The women in my tales are not perfect. They struggle and doubt themselves. And yet, they keep going.

I don’t write about perfect characters. I write about flawed people who are doing the best that they can.


I find beauty and comedy in their ability to love and grow in an imperfect world.

After all, isn't that how real life works anyways?

I'm glad you're here. 

Browse through my short story collection or peruse my Writing Journal where I jot down thoughts about the books I write. 

Check out my Events page, where you can find information on book signings and book giveaways on the horizon.

I hope you will return often. Thank you for reading!

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This channel talks about my journey as a writer and the books I write along the way. I find that my intuitive nature colors my approach to writing in ways that may seem unusual. I'll be sharing what I learn about being an intuitive writer, balancing a day job at the Junkyard, and the inspirations behind my stories.

Can Scarlet Stevens fix her life?

She’s divorced, forty, broke, and back living with her parents in her small hometown.

Scarlet tries to hide her sadness from everyone. She goes to work and takes care of her children, but something inside is broken. There is no desire, just a great emptiness that she lugs around day in and day out.

And then, her town hosts its first Salsa Night. There she meets a handsome stranger, Esteban Vazquez, who introduces her to his world of dancing.

Scarlet begins her late night travels to the Salsa Clubs, where every evening is a carnival of flashing lights, spinning girls, and attractive men. Lured by the Latin rhythms, she starts on a journey that is exciting, frightening, and carries with it a certain guarantee of heartache and happiness; especially, when she falls in love with her dance teacher.

"This book felt like a friend giving me her latest news: what's up with her boyfriend, how she is evolving during her salsa nights, and I keep wanting to advise her, to shake her, to support her. This book is also a good guide for women getting back into the dating pool; the do's and don'ts of dating after your recent divorce. It is also filled with so many loving and caring characters. My favorite part of the book was the end. I was swooning." 

-Amazon Reader Review

"I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Relatable and makes the reader emotionally invested. It takes strength to follow your happiness and courage to make it happen. I highly recommend." 

-Amazon Reader Review

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Story Time Videos

How long has it been since someone read a story to you? Below is one of my Story Time videos. To view more readings, visit the Gallery section of this website. Grab your popcorn!

The Wishing Fountain

Have you ever felt lost in life? One day, I had a penny in my hand ready to toss it into a Wishing Fountain. I was desperate for a wish that might change my luck. That's when I met a mysterious stranger...