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My first book signing event took place in my hometown of Lompoc, the setting for most of the events in Dancing The Salsa. At the event, I was surprised by dancing friends that traveled all the way from Oxnard to join in the celebration. After the book reading, these wonderful friends started dancing Salsa with everyone. The music and love in the Salsa community is infectious, and brings life and laughter to all who encounter it. This was definitely a dream come true for me.

Story Time

How long has it been since someone read you a story?

The Fortune Teller Part I

Have you ever visited a Fortune Teller? Join Selena as she spends an unusual night searching a carnival for a box that is "very wise and very old" and carries within it the secret to happiness.

The Fortune Teller Part II Search For The Tall Man

The Fortune Teller Part III The Funhouse

The Fortune Teller Part IV The Keeper of Odds and Ends

The Fortune Teller Part V The Box

The Wishing Fountain

Have you ever felt lost in life? One day, I had a penny in my hand ready to toss it into a Wishing Fountain. I was desperate for a wish that might change my luck. That's when I met a mysterious stranger....